Your Rights

No Censorship

You can be yourself. Your opinions and beliefs are welcome. Only a few things are disallowed and they are:

  • Pornography of any kind
  • Racial/ethnic slurs
  • Illegal activity (including conspiracy to commit a crime)

That’s it.

You Information is Yours

Any personal information you share with Veltios is encrypted and will never be sold.

No Feed Manipulation

With the occasional exception of announcements from Veltios, your newsfeed will always show most recent activity first. There are no “promoted” or “sponsored” posts and we do not suppress any content posted on our platform.

You Control What You See

Your feed is composed of posts from users you follow and posts to groups that you’re in.

No Unnecessary Contact

You will not receive promotional/marketing emails from Veltios or any third-party resulting from your Veltios membership. The only emails we will send you are ones that you initiated – confirm registration, forgot password, etc.