Free Speech, Secure Info

Veltios is designed for open discussion and sharing of ideas. Grow your circle, make new friends, build an audience and more. It has a familiar look and function, so you’ll be able to jump right in immediately. Find new connections, invite your old friends, post, share, like, comment, tag people, and join groups. That’s just the start and, unlike most other social media platforms, your information won’t be sold for profit, your opinions won’t be censored, and your content won’t be suppressed. It’s just better.

You can access your Veltios feed from the menu of this website (Home), directly on the web at, or through the Veltios mobile app.

Veltios Mobile App

The Veltios mobile app puts it all in the palm of your hand.

Available on iOS and Android, the Veltios mobile app gives you access to Veltios on a secure in-app browser. That way, you can stay signed in and access your profile on the go. Other features include a QR code for sharing the app with friends, important notifications, and direct access to Veltios video content.

The Evolution of Veltios

Veltios started as a YouTube channel featuring content from David Carlson and myself (Paul Whitley). Our primary products were The Elephant in the Room, DC Perspective, Pushback, and One Way. David has since made DC Perspective an individual channel, but the other three have remained Veltios productions. As the channel was growing, we started to realize what obstacles hindered us from “breaking through” – chief among them being a lack of engagement from our subscribers. The thresholds for monetization are difficult enough for small channels even before their views start magically disappearing. That is compounded for small channels that feature time-sensitive and relevant content because YT often doesn’t notify subscribers until several days after a video is posted. By that time, it’s likely that interest in the subject has waned significantly. This prompted development of the mobile app. By encouraging our subscribers to use the Veltios mobile app, we were able to ensure timely notifications when new content was posted. However, we wanted to make sure that there was value in using the app outside of it being an effective way to promote the channel.

The app creation software that I used included a built-in social media platform that we provisioned almost immediately. It had limited functionality and wasn’t very aesthetic, but it did provide the foundation for what Veltios would become. Once the reality of offering a social media platform with a similar user experience to Facebook – without the censorship and information selling – became clear, I set out to to find a better medium to deliver that experience. Now, Veltios is a stand-alone social media platform that offers the same features and enhancements that you’re used to and familiar with. It is still accessible via the mobile app, but no longer exclusively. Anyone can sign in at from any web browser.

The final defining event in making Veltios what it is today happened on October 15, 2020. Social media censorship was a trending topic at the time and it had long been an area of concern for me. I kept feeling conflicted about trying to promote the Veltios brand on Facebook and Twitter while people were actively aware that those companies were limiting the reach and effectiveness of any information with which they disagreed. I prayed about it and, that evening, I received an email from Rumble. I had tried Rumble out a few months prior and put it on the back burner, opting to continue using YouTube. I had never received any communication from them until that day.

So, I got up the next morning and I burned it all down.

I deactivated Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I was officially done with Big Social. At that point, I reset my focus on building and improving Veltios. No longer would the social media platform be a feature of the brand. It is now the singular focus. I still create video content and invite all to watch it, but I know that it won’t appeal to everyone. Everyone, however, can find use and enjoyment from Veltios and that’s the goal.